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Our projects

Dorcas Tanzania works in the areas of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene, Health and HIV, Sustainable Livelihood, Child development and Social Care.

Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH)

Dorcas supports projects that care for and empower the poor and oppressed through improved access to and use of safe water and sanitation facilities and improved sanitation and hygiene behaviours. As a result of improved sanitation habits the general wellbeing of communities and their surroundings are of a higher standard due to minimised open defecation. Dorcas Tanzania has been implementing the WASH programme successfully in Manyara and Arusha regions. Thanks to the WASH programme more than 27.000 Tanzanians have now access to clean drinking water and more than 9.000 Tanzanians use improved sanitary facilities in these regions.

Sustainable livelihoods

The Sustainable Livelihoods sector programme enables poor households to achieve a sustainable livelihoods. The essence of the sustainable livelihoods approach is to motivate and empower people so they take charge of their own development process. The sustainable livelihoods projects build on the talents and assets that the poor have and support them in developing valuable skills,
cooperation structures, access to financial services and access to production and processing equipment. Dorcas Tanzania has helped over the years more than 70 households (366,095 beneficiaries) to earn a sustainable income above the poverty level.